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The scent of success

Refinement, style and functionality. Enhancing each product with refined notes and precious workmanship is our mission. Our state-of-the-art equipment, meticulous organisation and painstaking attention to detail enable us to make each of our creations just perfect.

Portfolio / Highlights

Skin Love Kit – Erborian

This pack Erborian and Pozzoli produced together is both authentic and functional, with a strong commitment to sustainability.

Pozzoli and Veronique Gabai

Veronique Gabai chose Pozzoli to design an elegant and rich in details packaging for her special fragrance

boîtes de luxe avec fond et couvercle

Pozzoli for Lacoste

A colorful and precious line for the parfums of the iconic brand, made by Pozzoli

Pozzoli for Ella K Parfums

The packaging made by Pozzoli for Ella K Perfums are characterized by a luxurious and evocative design…

Pozzoli for Marc Jacobs Perfect and Daisy Love

The iconic brand Marc Jacobs chose Pozzoli to create its precious Gift Sets containing its perfumes Perfect and Daisy Love…

Pozzoli for the natural beauty by Melvita

A 100% plastic-free packaging. It’s the one made by Pozzoli for the French bio beauty brand…


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Packaging for cosmetics and perfumes

In such a dynamic and innovative sector as that of haute parfumerie and cosmetics, it is essential to combine stylish design, functionality, creative innovaton and meticulous attention to detail. Thanks to constant R&D, and investments in skills and technologies, Pozzoli is the right partner, capable of combining the best materials, extraordinary deisgn and exquisite workmanship to make each product one of a kind. Whether it’s a customised folding box or rigid box, a special project for a limited edition, or patented packaging, Pozzoli sets the benchmark in European and international markets for high-profile packaging for the Cosmetics & Perfumery sectors.

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