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These are the compass that has always guided us

From the outset, Pozzoli has been guided by values that have determined its scope of action, shaped its internal structure, policies and organisational culture. Values that all the Pozzoli family have made their own and that inspire their work every day.

People and teamwork

People are our most important asset and team play is our preferred way of working. A cohesive team, which combines different strengths and values, different skills and professionalism, is our way of achieving extraordinary results.

Entrepreneurial spirit

To create something new, you have to push yourself beyond your limits. Innovation comes through creation: with tenacity, courage and passion.

made in italy

Made in Italy

Originality, quality and value. Pozzoli has always interpreted what makes Italy famous around the world, always giving that extra Italian touch to each of its creations.


Our goal is continuous improvement. This is why we aim only for the best: the finest materials, maximum passion, utmost commitment. Always.


We solve problems and do so innovatively, taking new paths. Because only by dreaming of what is not yet a reality is it possible to create excellent packaging, patents that make history and, above all, stir wonder in the eyes of those who look at our products.


and efficiency

Success cannot be improvised. By rigorously planning our work we are able to offer effective, fast and accurate service and support. Because customer satisfaction is our priority.


We prefer creating the future, rather than waiting for it. Doing what others don’t have the courage to do. This is why our past and our present are studded with patents and innovative solutions.