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The right packaging for every taste

A fast and flexible organisation with high-quality solutions and materials, are our recipe for successful food packaging. We are always striving for the best and are committed to the highest standards in all sectors, including the food industry, which is why our packaging is always so appealing.


Special Packaging Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

Elegant and exclusive packaging that combines aesthetics and functionality. The solution created by Pozzoli for Fantini Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva is…

Folding Case Dates Segai, Kholas, Khidri and Sokari

Elegant packaging designed to contain all the sweetness and goodness of Sapori del Deserto dates, in the qualities Segai, Kholas, Khidri and Sokari…

Box for Sushi delivery

Armonico chose Pozzoli for the packaging which marks his debut on the universe of premium delivery. Pozzoli has created for the brand born in Milan…


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Food packaging

When it comes to food packaging supplies, nothing can be left to chance. And for us at Pozzoli, who have always been used to calibrating our skills and organising our production methods according to the strictest international standards and best practices. The food sector has always represented a wonderful challenge for us.

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