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The perfect outfit for every product

Unique, precious and always fashionable. Pozzoli’s packaging for fashion and accessories is designed to create a one-of-a-kind product every time; attention to detail and an endless range of finishes are our way of satisfying even the most discerning customer.

Portfolio / Highlights

Another series for QC Terme created by Pozzoli

Experience the magic of time in the parallel dimension of relaxation with this packaging collection made by Pozzoli

Pozzoli for the House-shaped box for Iconologie

An important challenge for which Iconology has chosen Pozzoli. . The result? Each box is a miniature representation of the Parisian buildings

Miu Miu chose the Flat Box™

Miu Miu chose the innovative and patented Pozzoli Flat Box™….

Timeless beauty

The special packaging created by Pozzoli for Audi…


Special packaging in pochette shape, complete of metal charms, silver hot foil details and removable leather handle.

Box Aura

Refinement, style, functionality. The packaging made by Pozzoli for Aura collection by Roberto Demeglio is really unique…


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Fashion & Accessories: luxury packaging

We love challenges, which is why, after our success in the entertainment sector, we decided to enter the complex markets of fashion and accessories.. We have developed innovative patents, such as the FlatBox™, our folding gift box system. And to help them conquer new market shares, through attention to packaging quality and aesthetics, is our resolve.

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