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Exception design and innovation for over 50 years

Whether it’s music, home video or games, Pozzoli’s special packaging is always outstanding. We combine more than 50 years’ experience and the skills that we have refined over that time with a genuine passion in each client project we deliver. Whether a standard release, or limited edition bespoke release, we apply the same expertise and passion. We pour all our expertise, heritage and passion into every product.
That passion for Entertainment was born in 1968 and today, it is stronger than ever. Creative packaging and revolutionary patents, such as the Pozzoli Twin-Tray™, the Ecolbook™ and the Slot-Tray™, which literally revolutionized the industry, have always been our trademark and our indelible mark on the market.

Portfolio / Highlights

Welcome to the Vault

We offer infinite customisations to make our customers’ packaging unique and unforgettable, pushing ourselves beyond our limits every…

The Early Years 1965-1972

A monumental work. By creating the box set for Pink Floyd’s The Early Years 1965-1972 collection, Pozzoli made its mark on a unique product…

Slow Hand – 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Special vinyl format packaging. Made for the 35th anniversary of the 1977 album, Slow Hand – 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition…

Achtung Baby (Uber Deluxe)

Rigid box with outside cover with magnetic puzzle applied on the front. Inner packaging structure with drawers with closing by means of magnets…

Watch the Throne

Special crossfold Ecolpack with one pouch pocket, printed in 4+1 colours, gloss UV varnish and sculptured embossing on the 5 outer panels…

Rammstein: Live in Paris

Much more than a documentary film that retraces the two concerts held in Paris by German band, Rammstein, in 2012: Live in Paris is a project…


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Packaging Entertainment

Behind our success in the entertainment packaging sector there is one constant: we have never stopped being innovative. This is the only way we know how to work. We are constantly researching new materials, creating innovative and unusual shapes, using colours in surprising combinations, and applying the most exciting finishes.

To do this, we use all the tools that technological innovation has to offer: from a 3D and CAD CAM system for mock-ups to the very best printing machines.

From the planning stage through to final execution, we work in close partnership with our customers’ to create award winning packaging solutions. The physical, tactile objects that we create with our customers are designed to elicit emotive responses like desire, indulgence, exclusivity, excellence or exceptionality. These creations are intrinsic to the product or story encased within.