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The spirit of perfection

Innovative and precision workmanship enables us to design packaging capable of capturing the eye and articulating all the elegance of the products we dress. Whether folding boxes for high-volume productions or rigid boxes  for special editions.

Portfolio / Highlights

Votiva Twist2Open

The Twist2Open of Vodka Votiva, designed by Spazio Di Paolo and produced by Pozzoli, touches the boundaries between design and art

Ferrari and Pozzoli create elegance

Discover the fantastic packaging that Ferrari and Pozzoli have designed together to give even more prestige to this magnificent bottle

Santa Margherita chooses Pozzoli

The packaging for the Limited Edition dedicated to the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of Prosecco Superiore DOCG of the Italian winery

An amazing pack for an exceptional product

A special packaging for an exceptional product. That’s the one created by Pozzoli for Bertagnolli K24 Liquid Gold.

An amazing pack

The special packaging made by Pozzoli for Vecchia Romagna Riserva 18 anni is a hexagonal rigid box designed to be amazing…

The spirit of perfection

The special packaging made by Pozzoli for Amaro Montenegro is an octagonal crash lock bottom box…


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Packaging for wine and spirits

The experience gained throughout our history in different industries and markets across the world has enabled us to offer highly innovative packaging for wine and spirits that always meets the expectations of our customers, even the most discerning ones. Innovative patents, such as the Pozzoli Beverage Box™, mark our ability to respond to the growing demand for luxury packaging, but with an eco-sustainable spirit, capable of winning over the consumer with its beauty, while ensuring an impact on the reduction of supply-chain costs.

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