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So much more than a customised packaging company from Milan…

From Entertainment to Cosmetics & Perfumery, from Wine & Spirits to Fashion and through to Food, Pozzoli is your ideal partner in terms of tailor-made and high-profile packaging.
If our extraordinary products are what enchants customers, they are won over by a complete service, ranging from creation to printing, from design to packaging, that is always supported by our values of quality, innovation and creativity.

Our vision

Transforming every idea into a wonder to be discovered and touched.

Our mission

Giving value to our customers’ image and products through innovative and exciting packaging.

2 Production Hubs

Inzago (MI)

Pozzoli S.p.A

Marano Vicentino (VI)

Pozzoli Couture S.r.l

+2 Offices



33.000 sqm

2.880 sqm


7.600 sqm


12.200 sqm

Production centres

160 Employees

Tailor-made packaging:
unique, like each of our products

Courage, passion and determination. These are the values that in 1968 led young Aldo Pozzoli to establish the company that would later become Pozzoli SpA in Inzago, just outside Milan. The business immediately won over the market due to its propensity for innovation and creativity. Its initial focus on producing packaging for the entertainment world (link to the entertainment sector page), specifically within the Music sector, quickly extended to Home Video and then to Gaming. These were sectors in which Pozzoli gained the trust of the world’s leading players with original packaging solutions and patents, such as the Pozzoli Twin-Tray™, the Ecolbook™ and the Slot-Tray™, that revolutionised the global Entertainment market. Pozzoli’s success across international markets by the end of the 90s and  2000s, and its wish to work even more closely with its customers, led to Pozzoli expanding beyond the Milan office, by opening offices in England, Germany, and France and forging lasting partnerships in the USA, Australia and Japan.

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