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Research is in our DNA. For us, creating beautiful, functional and quality products is not enough, we want to innovate. We are used to anticipating the needs of our customers and the market, proposing solutions that are set to become benchmarks on the international packaging stage. This was the case with the Pozzoli Twin-Tray™ which revolutionised the world of Entertainment, the Ecolbook™ and the Slot-Tray™.  Our aptitude for innovation and ongoing investment in expertise and technology have enabled us to develop innovative packaging solutions and patents in all the sectors into which we have expanded our business activities: from the Beverage Display Box™ to the revolutionary collapsible packaging for the world of Beverage (Pozzoli Beverage Box™), Eyewear (Pozzoli Eyewear Box™) and Retail (Pozzoli Flat Box™).


Patent no. EP 0,952,582 US 6,109,432


Patent no. EP 0,952,582 US 6,109,432

DVD e Blu-Ray Twin-Tray™

Blu-Ray Twin-Tray, Patent no. EP1,962,288-US 7,766,160
DVD Twin-Tray, Patent no. EP1276115-DM 235,817