Child’s play

We take our work very seriously, applying all our skill, passion and experience into every customised game packaging we produce. The result, is products that surprise in terms of creativity, innovation and quality.


Castlevania Lords of Shadow

Single-walled O-Ring printed in 4 colours + matt UV varnish on standard board.

The Old Republic

Three-piece card box with internal template consisting of: base with printed outer board in 4 colours + matt varnish + glossy UV…


For us at Pozzoli, play is a serious matter. Bausa’s FanBox made for Warner Music is a clear example. The structure is a box with…

Custom packaging for games

It takes experience to be able to create a customised games box that catches the eye and sticks in the memory: experience we know we have and which is enhanced by the use of the latest technologies, cutting-edge tools and advanced equipment.

Because creativity is important and imagination even more so; but if technology can help to enhance them, why not take advantage of it?

Because play is a serious matter: and we who work every day in this field, for the creation of customised games packaging, are well aware of it.