Pozzoli goes green!

Pozzoli goes green!

Our commitment to the environment is even stronger than before. The 2021 Pozzoli Calendar is proof.

  • Conceived with an innovative eco-design:
    from the wrapping to the structure, the calendar is completely plastic-free, made of nothing but paper and cardboard.
  • Made with recycled materials and eco-friendly finishing:
    the structure is made of low-density, unbleached cardboard which provides strength while using less fibre. The paper chosen for the coating is part of Icma Sartorial Paper ‘s KIND collection. It is 100% FSC Recycled Credit certified, produced without de-inking and optical bleachings, with an integrated process that saves water and energy and reduced the emission of CO2.

The pages are printed on recycled paper from sustainable sources. The finishes have also been chosen for their ability to provide natural, sustainable beauty.

  • 100% reusable and recyclable:
    the calendar can be fully recycled with paper. But why throw it away? When the 12 months of the year are up, use the calendar as a photo frame to display your happiest memories on your desk.