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New partnership to deliver sustainable solutions

Pozzoli? An Obvious choice

David Frossard, founder of Obvious talks about the eco-project that forged the partnership between the French brand and Pozzoli to deliver sustainable solutions.

How was the project conceived? The Obvious brand is about the search for a new olfactory elegance, a new concept of luxury: an essential luxury that blends simplicity and environmental protection. The result is contemporary fragrances, created for a society made up of consumers attentive to the world around them. Consumers that demand originality from the products they buy. Fragrances that match today’s wardrobe and lifestyle: quality, original yet simple and relaxed. Less is more … It’s Obvious!

What led you to choose Pozzoli to create it? Working with Pozzoli was obvious for us! We have been working together for several years, across brands in our portfolio. The very high quality of their work, their responsiveness and their support, have always been very valuable. They have been integral to the development of this sustainable perfume.

Were the expectations met? Yes, completely. We worked for a long time on this project, making many adjustments during the process. And the result is exactly what we wanted: a minimalist folding case with FSC paper and water-based vinyl glue.

What were the major challenges of this project? Being able to develop quality packaging, that’s eco-sustainable for a perfume at an affordable price. All without eliminating the finiest quality raw materials.