100% created by Pozzoli


Designed & Created by Pozzoli

Conceived by the Pozzoli R&D team and featuring an innovative eco-design, this calendar has a simple but smart assembly constructed from nothing but paper and cardboard.

Using the best materials

The cover is made of Eska Brown, a 3-laye coloured solid board, made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials. A board that doesn’t need to be laminated to paper yet remain attractive and resilient.

Discover Augmented Reality

Download the Pozzoli AR app, then scan each photo to experience, unique additional content. This feature allows you to discover much more of our products.

Carbon Neutral Calendar

Using an international recognized software, we undertook a LCA, Life Cycle Assessment, calculating this calendar Carbon Footprint. We compensated any emissions produced by planting trees in the Pozzoli Forest.