From anti-counterfeiting to customization: Pozzoli’s talking packaging


Luxury products, such as perfumes and cosmetics, spirits and fashion accessories, are constantly threatened by counterfeiting and often end up in distribution flows different from those authorized, feeding the “grey market”.

Pozzoli, as usual, meets the need of its customers with a high added value solution.

Thanks to an innovative machine that uses Signoptic® technology, we can offer an anti-counterfeiting system with unique feature.

First the invisibility. The Signoptic® system is invisible, customers, retailers and distributors cannot detect it. Nothing is printed on the packaging, the graphics are not altered in any way, and however each product is authenticated and identified individually.

Furthermore, thanks to the ability to manage the variable data, our innovative machine, can provide also different types of visible printing for extreme customization possibilities. A QR Code an image a text or progressive numbering can be printed on each single piece of rigid boxes on the product already by volume, not on the printed sheet. This system guarantees the presence of all the elements composing the variable data avoiding the losses that rejections could cause.