Pozzoli: Committed to eCo-innovation


Just being innovative is not enough for us. We aim to be eCo-innovative – in pursuit of innovation with responsibility. Every day we do our best to make our business more responsible through the creation of innovative and sustainable packaging that fits the needs of our customers and respects the environment. The 2022 Pozzoli Calendar is proof of this. A Calendar made with a double Commitment: to Creativity and Care for the environment.


We don’t create standard product, but tailor-made packaging. And the role of our customer is always crucial. So, this year, we’ve taken a different approach to our calendar – offering our customers the opportunity to construct their own 2022 Calendar.

Care for the environment

Once again, we chose to reject plastic, so the pages of the calendar are held together with aluminum hooks made by Fotomeccanica. The company specializes in metal processing for the luxury sector and has a complete Made in Italy approach to production.

Next, the structural element of the calendar is made of Corrugated Board, which is lighter and uses less material than Chipboard.

Then, for the folding box and the coating, we chose Crush Lavender, an eco-friendly range of papers by Favini. The paper is made by replacing up to 15% of virgin tree pulp with the process residues of organic products. FSC™ certified, produced with EKOenergy and GMO free, this paper contains 40% post-consumer recycled waste.