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Valdo Spumanti

Valdo 90 Millesimato (1926-2016)

This special packaging created by Pozzoli for Valdo Spumanti immediately attracts the eye thanks to the elegant contrast between the black with gold and platinum colour combination, and is accentuated by the contraposition of gloss and matt, resulting from layering of two different materials: uncoated paper and a metallic patina. The box consists of a base covered in metallic platinum-coloured printed paper, wrapped in a cover with a closing flap covered in black uncoated paper and decorated with the “Valdo” crest that has been heat-foil stamped in gold. An irregularly shaped label with the “Valdo 90” emblem on a platinum base is perfectly framed by dry debossing. The base of the box includes a cardboard inner filler that holds the bottle and that is completely covered with taupe-coloured velvet. On top of the inner filler, a double satin ribbon is used to pull out a beautiful book with a rich board cover covered in velvet and hot-foil stamped in gold, which reveals the bottle of Valdo 90 Millesimato.