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Pozzoli designed the box for RZA silver anniversary.

Bobby Digital turns 25 years old


Starting with a blank piece of paper, Pozzoli and MNRK brought together a small creative team to develop ideas that became the product you see here. Despite being spread across LA, NYC, London and Milan the team met regularly to brainstorm and develop the project.

MNRK Music Group’s brief: a limited edition 25th anniversary vinyl celebration, evoking the Bobby Digital universe throughout its physical construction. A collectable piece of ‘theatre’ that cannot be pushed onto a shelf between other LP’s, but demands to be experienced and then exhibited as a piece of objet d’art.

This deluxe boxset contains 2 pieces of vinyl, held in a deluxe gatefold with a multilevel pop-up, 3D glasses to help discover the digital world of RZA’s alter-ego, and an artistic embossing on the silver box, reproducing the original AW of the album.