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Kate Bush and Pozzoli produce an objet d'art

"The Boxes of Lost at Sea"


Designed and released by Fish People, distributed by The State51 Conspiracy and produced by Pozzoli, these projects are all very personal to Kate and she’s involved in every single aspect of the design, specification, development, and production of these pieces. It’s a hugely collaborative process between State51, Kate and Pozzoli, with Kate in constant contact, joining weekly project meetings, providing direction on design and specifying materials and finishes. These pieces are her vision, Pozzoli simply facilitated that vision, to carry it into physical format.

The Boxes of Lost At Sea Edition is actually two different boxes (Box A and Box B) each containing a 12” white vinyl with one side of the Hounds of Love album and with a UV printed illustration on the other side. Like the 1994 piece, each box has an inscribed plaque…
Box A: “Someone in the big sky hoping to find someone lost at sea”
Box B: “Someone lost at sea hoping to be found by someone in the big sky”

Here below a video from Kate Bush website.